William Shakespeare

by Cassandra from Fresno

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William Shakespeare, a great poet and play writer, is my hero. He lived 52 years, but within those 52 years he became a great person. He wrote 154 sonnets, 38 plays and other poems. He is also known for all the wonderful plays he has written, which have been performed in many schools.

My hero has entertained millions of people. He has put smiles on people's faces and made them laugh. What else can I say other than William Shakespeare was a great person and always will be remembered as a wonderful poet and play writer.

My hero lived in England during the Renaissance era when Queen Elizabeth 1st ruled. That time was also known as The Elizabethan Time.

William Shakespeare, my hero, has taught me how to admire and learn to understand other poems that I read. Also I now know that when I write another poem it has to truly be from the heart.

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