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by Camila from Buenos Aires

Shasta in Alaska (site
Shasta in Alaska (site

I think a hero is a person or an animal that does something good and it is admired for that. A hero is also a person who helps people or at least tries to help. My hero is related to that, saving lives, she is a German shepherd dog called Shasta.

She works in ASARD team 144. ASARD means Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs. The ASARD works in Anchorage, Alaska. Its purpose is to search and rescue people using teams of highly trained search dogs. ASARD makes a request, day or night, wherever there is need for a search dog team.

I admire Shasta as a hero because she saved lots of people even when she was only practicing her searching. Shasta was trained to find people in the woods, drowned or buried in snow. She was one of the best search rescue dogs. She found three persons, she found them all in the water. Shasta received an award as she participated in fifty rescue missions. She stopped participating in ASARD’S rescues because she has some spinal problems. I admire her for being so brave and courageous and being able to find drowned people. I can’t imagine a dog taking a human being out of the water.

She is very important to me because I don’t think that any dog could do that. I think that only dogs with courage and spirit can do it. I think this could change someone’s life, because maybe a person doesn’t like dogs and thinks that they are not useful and in fact Shasta did something better than that. I believe Shasta is a real and great hero.

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