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by Elia from Chicago

The organization that Shasta worked at is called Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs (ASARD), which was formed in 1987 and is a nonprofit, volunteer, search and rescue organization based in Anchorage , Alaska. ASARD teams were trained in the wilderness so then they can adapt to any area they are in when they do a mission. ASARD had 20 years of practice and training for this opportunity, to be able to train your dog you need to have these characteristics.

You should choose a motivated, driven, and trainable dog, know your puppy's history, start training before one year of age, read materials on training success to build wilderness skills. Shasta is my hero because she always tried her best to succeed in all her missions. Which inspires me to try my best to because she is a dog and is able to do all these things like her missions.

The ASARD organization helps save lost children, hikers and skiers, also they help when avalanches and landslides happen. This is what Shasta and her team mates did during these missions and more. Because since she is a dog it will be easier to find the lost people. Since dog's have a lot better smelling sense then humans by 30%. Also most mixed dog breeds have a better sense then regular dogs.

Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs (ASARD) usually do 20 - 30 missions per year, but if they volunteer more they usually have done up to 40-60 missions. Also before they start going on any missions they have to train for at least four years. I choose Shasta because she was motivated to do what she does like saving someone's life. That is why I choose Shasta as my hero for this project.

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