Animals Heroes

Silver and Alumi

by Marie from Cordova

Alumi (black and white) (I took the picture)
Alumi (black and white) (I took the picture)

They may look fuzzy and cute but they’re more than genuine bunnies. Silver (Silv) and Aluminum (Alumi) live in Cordova, Ak in a small little place (Orca) and they’re still alive today. In fact Silver is about 2 or 3 now and Alumi is going to be 1 soon.

Alumi knows a type of sign language. He moves his ears and head. It’s called "ear sign language." Alumi is an indoor rabbit. Indoor rabbits stay in the house.

Alumi sitting in a rabbit cage (I took the picture)
Alumi sitting in a rabbit cage (I took the picture)

Silver is an outdoor rabbit. Outdoor rabbits run around outside. Silver is a rabbit who shows what a rabbit is (a strong vicious creature). And of course Silver is a wild animal that lives alone. He goes where he wants, when he wants. He’s not afraid to be himself.

Silver’s characteristics are that he’s independent, brave, and smart. He’s independent because he does what he wants. He’s brave because he’s not afraid. Smart ‘cause he knows how to defend himself. Silver was living in the house for a short time. He still went outside on a leash, in his rabbit hutch, or run. Once he just jumped out of the run and has been a wild animal since. And he’s still alive today.

Alumi’s nice and smart. Nice because he’s friendly. Smart, he knows that humans protect him. Alumi being a little coward cuddles on me for protection. When Alumi’s scared he knows I’m there. Once I asked Alumi if he would call me Aunty and he moved his head up then a little bit down and that means yes. So the bunny calls me Aunty. Alumi was always afraid of dogs but eventually calmed down around dogs.

I picked these two because they’re like a member of my family. I mean they hang around and live around. You see these are the amazing bunnies.

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