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by Hayley from Morinville

Simba (drew it)
Simba (drew it)

Hi my name is Hayley. It is 2010 and I’m 10 years old. I am in grade 4. I have 4 sisters, 2 brothers, 2 dads and 2 moms. I also have 1 horse, 2 goldfish, 1 cat and 1 puppy. I used to have 2 dogs but my dog, Simba, died 4 weeks ago. She still lived in Newfoundland with one of my dads. I loved her very much, she was my best friend. She was almost deaf when she died. Simba died of old age, she was 91 dog years old. Simba loved everyone.

Mom and I moved to Alberta five years ago. I was sad to leave Newfoundland and my dad but when I feel like this and I think of Simba, I feel better. It was really hard to leave her in Newfoundland with my dad, when we moved. So Simba is a hero. She helps me feel better when I get mad or sad and unhappy.

You can be a hero too. Thank you.

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