Phyllis Utircia Simmons

by Miriam from Pinehurst

To live with a person like my mom is a great experience. She is not one of those save-the-world heroes, but she is a person whom I truly admire.

My mom is my hero because she is responsible. She keeps the house spick-and-span because she is a neat person. Whenever the house is messy, she will not stand for it. Soon you will hear the vacuum roaring and the broom going scritch, scratch, scritch, scratch. Also, she keeps up with her belongings and doesn't lose them. For example, I gave her a sparkly diamond necklace, which is kept in her exquisite, pink jewelry box. Now when I walk by her room, I can see her necklace and I feel as happy as a cheerleader when she makes the squad.

My mom is generous with her time. Every Thursday, she comes to the classroom and reads to the class. She selects books and reads them excitedly and expressively. When she reads to the children, their faces light up with mystery and curiosity about what will happen next. I feel proud to have a person in my family who cares enough to volunteer to read.

I feel very fortunate to have my mother as my hero. Her characteristics have inspired me to be a lot like her. Trust me, if you knew her like I do, you would admire her, too.

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