Sir Kirby James Symons of Bellmeade

by Drew from Altoona

Do you have a hero? I do, and he's really neat. He has brown hair, brown eyes and a black nose.

My hero’s name is Sir Kirby James Symons of Bellmeade. He is the king and always acts like it. But when you are feeling down, he always knows and tries to cheer you up the best he can. If you have a cut or scrape he will do anything he can to heal it.

Kirby is always there for anyone who needs him. He is the best friend any person could have. You can always confide in him and count on him to keep your secrets. Bestt of all, he never makes fun of you.

He always keeps you company. If you have to go into a dark room, or if you are nervous about going somewhere, he will follow right behind. He is very curious, and will go through any closed door.

Mr. Kirby Symons
Mr. Kirby Symons

This is my hero. He means a lot to me and if anything would happen to him I don’t know what I’d do. My hero, Kirby, is my awesome little dog.

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