My Sister

by Laura-Lynn from Morinville

My Hero

Tic tock, tic tock, time for a work out!
My hero, is my sister, let me tell you why.
She has had a lot of experiences that amaze me.
She is kind, funny, respectful and understands me when I talk. I didn’t know I had a sister until I was 7 years old, when I met her in July 2005.
She was 21 ½ years old.
I know you are probably thinking, why I didn’t I know that I had a sister. Well, it is because my mother had a daughter when she was 19 and not married, which was when I wasn’t even born of course. She was put up for legal adoption in 1984. My mom couldn’t see her for 21 ½ years. My sister is my hero also because she is a personal fitness trainer and saved my brother’s life too by helping his with his health.
She lives in the busy downtown of Edmonton, Alberta. I love my sister and I always will!

By Laura-Lynn

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