A Sister Running an Orphanage in Assam, INDIA

by Tanjim Iqbal from Balipara, India

Assam Valley School
Assam Valley School

A hero is a person who plays an important role in your day to day life. The one, who motivates you, encourages you, tells you what’s wrong and right and supports you in every aspect of life. A hero can be anyone; it can be your parents, friends, relatives or anyone you know.

In my life I have come across people who have brought happiness to many hearts. Like the doctor I know in Guwahati who from time to time treats the poor for free. There is a joint family who gives donation to orphanages every month, and I am happy to live next to them.

Like these heroes, I too have spotted a hero who is neither popular nor rich but leads a simple, happy and contented life. She runs an orphanage which is very popular in Guwahati. The orphanage in which she runs was personally inaugurated by Mother Teresa. The orphanage which she runs in a big one, she has two other nuns who help her in her profession. These three nuns run an orphanage which not only takes children but old and unsupported people too. From the day I was born my parents have been donating things to this orphanage, so I know them well. They take care of around 500 children and about 300 old people. They don’t have a fixed salary too. Whatever they get, they spend it on the orphans. She hardly sleeps at night or gets rest in the afternoon, but she never stops her work. Once she told me that she got an offer from other Care Centre’s to go and work out there and she would get well paid too, but she refused. When I asked her why, she said that she doesn’t want to leave her family unsupported. She worked in the orphanage for 30 successful years. Since she is getting old, she is in search for a person who can take her place. A person who will think about others before thinking about her own.

This is a kind of person whom I call a hero; she not only helped them live but made their life worth living, made them enjoy every single moment in life. Inspired by this, I will also try to do something which could be appreciated by others.

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