Friends, Family, and Other Role Models (A-Ca)

by Mrs. Slade's 2/3 Students

The Person I Admire
By Alice
The person I admire is my dad. I admire him because he is kind, lovable, helps me with homework, and is gifted. He is also superior at fixing stuff, honest and shows respect to my family. My dad is kind. He is so kind that I can talk to him about almost anything. He reads me books, he goes on scary rides with me, and even has the ability to fix our broken toys. My dad is helpful because he helps me get ready for my math tests, and he also helps me with my math homework. Whenever I need help on a song in piano, he is always there for me. I admire my dad because I love my dad. He is also superior at fixing things. My dad has my full respect. I look up to him and I think he is a wonderful dad.

The Person I Admire the Most
By Angela
My sister is great! I admire her a lot. She helps me, she is kind to me, and she is trustworthy. The person that I admire the most is my sister, Selena, because she helps me on my homework. For example, in math we started a new unit and I was sick with the flu so I missed school and she helped me understand it better because I had missed class. Another reason she is the person I admire is because she is very kind to me. When I didn’t know I had to write all the words on my Chinese homework she helped me with it. The last reason she is the person I admire the most is because she is trustworthy. There are times I have told her he secrets and guess what?! She kept the secrets! Those are all of the reasons that she is the person I admire. She is superb! Selena makes a terrific older sister.

By Avery
I admire my mom because she gave me LIFE (of, COURSE that’s why I admire her!!!). She is always working to keep J.C. (John is his 1st name, Connor is his middle name) and me healthy and clean. She works as a decorator and has always been a cat-person. She is also full of funny stories of her childhood. She says her family is worth everything. She works hard to keep my brother and me healthy. She even carries hand sanitizer everywhere!!! She is a clean freak - no offense, but it’s true. She works for money, too - as a decorator. She is also a cat person and I like cats. She tells me funny stories about her childhood. She regrets fighting with Uncle Tony and she said it was just wasting time. I love it when she hugs me when I’m sad. This helps me when I need it most and she shows me that she loves me. She tells me she misses me at school each day. I love my mom and I know that she loves me. MOM ROCKS!!!!!

The person I admire
By Carson
I admire Connor because he is smart and funny. He’s good to have for company. Connor is very smart and I like this. He is very good at math and good at reading. Connor can make me laugh. He is funny because he makes up words like: “applenack” and “poisonberry”. Connor is a good friend and he is smart and funny. I admire Connor.

Why I Admire My Dad
By Carter
I like my dad a lot. He is very fun, kind and trustworthy. He is a good person. I look up to him. He is fun because he plays catch with me. I am working on coordination with my left hand and he is helping me by playing catch with me. He also plays board games with me and Sorry is my favorite game. He is almost always on my side. He makes me feel good. I like being around him. He is kind. I can trust him to keep a secret. He is trustworthy. I have few secrets that he has never told anyone. My dad is superb. He is fun, kind, and trustworthy. I like my dad!

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