William Sleator

by Brandon from Illinois

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William Sleator

William Sleator is a hero to me because he inspires me to write about things I like. My favorite books of his are Hell Phone and The Boy Who Couldn’t Die. Hell Phone is about a teenager who is poor and he wants to buy a cell phone so he and his girlfriend can talk more. The phone has no caller ID and lots of other stuff missing, that’s why it’s twenty dollars. Shortly after he buys it, he is about to call his girlfriend when the phone rings. The Boy Who Couldn’t Die is about a teenager whose friend just died in a plane crash. He is so freaked out about his friend’s death, he finds a physic and has her make him invulnerable. If you want to know the rest of these books, check them out of your local library or buy them at any book store.

William Sleator was born on February 13, 1945, in Havre de Grace, Maryland. He moved to St. Louis, Missouri when he was three. He graduated from University City High School in 1963. He graduated from Harvard in 1967 with a bachelor in Music and English. He lives in Boston and rural Thailand. His current publisher is Amulet Books. In 1996 he visited an elementary school in Rochester for their Authors in April program.

William Sleator’s first book was called “The Fat Cat”. After he wrote “The Fat Cat” he always relied on keyboards. After that he was always writing or composing something. One of his first musical compositions was called “Guillotines in the Springtime.” In school when they asked him to write a story about the holidays, William always wrote something like “The Haunted Easter Egg.” For college William went to Harvard where he wrote very sad novels as well as music for student films and plays. After college he spent a year in England where he studied musical composition and worked as a pianist at Royal Ballet School. His first science fiction book was House of Stairs. He uses real people in his books which in some situations get him into trouble. William Sleator is a great author and I hope to meet him someday.

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