Animals Heroes


by Maddie from Christchurch

Smokey is my hero because she is a very brave cat.

She is one of my favourite pets. Unfortunately now has Cancer through the one of the sides of her face. She will have to be put down, or cut half the side of her face off. I'm sure she won't like that. So now we are just making her life so much more easier and giving her what she wants until she gets uncomfortable.

When Smokey goes up to heaven I'm sure she will have a great time there having all the birds she can catch and being able to eat her favourite cat biscuits. I won't forget her sleeping under my blankets at night.

Smokey was a stray cat at first but she kept visiting us and we feed her secretly so that mum wouldn't notice. Then she finally gave up and let us keep her. I'm sure she is very happy with us instead of being cold, scared and hungry out on the streets.

Smokey is very important to me and I can always see a small grin on her face when she gets her Whiskers meat. She is the most special cat to me and I hope she will have a great time up in heaven.

Without Smokey I wouldn't like cats as much as I love them now. She has made such a difference in my life. She is enjoying her soft treats and loving the naps under my blankets.

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