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by Le from New York

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This is My Hero,

Most people consider that a hero must be a person who has done great things. In my dictionary, I found out the definition of “the hero”, which means a person admired for achievements like rescuing, changing or affecting the world. Sometimes, many things affect some people’s opinion about something even if they are too tiny to do greats things. Who is my hero? Who is normal and great?

I’m so proud to say that my hero is the snail. He is a small mollusk that carries a large suitcase, which helps to protect him. I think the reason that he moves slowly is the heavy suitcase. He lives in the warm and wet areas, so it’s easy to find him. I don’t know his birthday, but I know god created this tiny animal. I think he has lots of family members, but I can’t even know who his family members are because they look similar. He has a short life, so he cares about every single second of his life. He cares about life because he knows his enemies will eat him. That’s the life of snails.

Snails are different from other heroes. He can be as tiny as a cloth button. He is only 1.5cm tall. Most people don’t even care about him, because his abilities can’t compare with a human being’s. People’s ability, strength, and intelligence is more enormous than a snail’s. He can’t help people. All he does is walk and walk. When he moves slowly, I hear his voice, “ I want to keep walking step by step until my world ends.” This really shocks me all the time. He wants his glorious future. I would like to say, “It is different from other heroes.”

This hero is important to me because he taught me lots of things. I learned that we should never give up. In our whole life, there are lots of things we want to do, we should keep one thing in our mind, which is “nothing is impossible”. I think the snail is a good example. I saw his desire to survive. He doesn’t have abilities that we have, but he tries his best to do the things that he wants to do. When we live in the new century, people become lazier and lazier. The development of physical world changes our hearts. There are competitions among people. They want to get the physical things that they want by destroying other people. These physical things include money, benefits, and so on. They have forgotten the most important thing of the people, which is the spirit. People become the slaves of money and bad desires. They think money talks. In the end, our personalities are worse than snails’. They have fewer abilities than us. These are the reasons why my hero is the snail.

Everybody has a hero. Remember, a hero doesn’t have to be great. My hero is the snail, who is great and normal. His spirit never gives up. He will live in my heart forever…

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