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by Brittany from Wolfforth, Texas

I first met Snuggles my freshman year of high school when I started volunteering for a non-profit group called Minis And Friends South Plains. Snuggles is a 5 year old miniature horse who has been through a lot and continues to be loving and affectionate. Snuggles was born with an infection in her eye and had to have it surgically removed. When she was about 3, we noticed her other eye starting to get cloudy and she rubbed it on everything she could find. We took her to Colorado State University where they diagnosed her with glaucoma, which is an abnormally high amount of pressure in the eye. She went through a number of surgeries to improve her vision, but no amount of operations could completely renew her vision. The doctors said that over a period of time she could completely lose vision in her eye which would leave Snuggles completely blind. Despite her numerous health problems, Snuggles is a docile therapy horse who goes into the homes of the elderly and the young to bring a smile to their faces and warmth to their hearts. Snuggles touches many lives every day with her story that some people can relate to.

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