Abe Sofferman

by Michael from Laguna Beach

My Hero: Abe Sofferman
Abe Sofferman
Abe Sofferman

My Great Uncle, Abe Sofferman, was born in New York City in 1920. When he was 20 years old, he went off to World War II with his brother. He was in the “44th Bomb Group” and the “8th American Air Force”. Along with nine other guys, Abe went on a bombing mission to Frankfurt, Germany. They flew in a B-24 that had a shark mouth painted on the front of the plane. Abe was a radio operator.

The bombing was successful, but on the way back, they got shot down over Belgium. Five members of the crew survived, and four died. Abe was one of the people that survived. He parachuted down to the ground, and met up with another crewmember named Harold Pinder.

Abe and Harold were on the loose together for a while. They were both found by the Belgians, and taken to a barn for protection. Soon after, they were found by the German Secret Police. Because Abe was Jewish, he knew that the Germans would soon kill him. He made a dash for it, but he was shot and killed. His friend Harold survived and lived to tell the story.

Abe Sofferman is a hero because he fought for freedom and died serving his country. He was also brave to run from the German Secret Police.

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