Peacemaker Hero: Solon

by Vincent from Cedar Grove

An unknown person once said, “A hero is person who is distinguished by exceptional courage, nobility, and strength.” Your hero can be as close as a family member or someone famous. Your hero can save the world or can simply be a great person. Solon was a hero to Greece because he worked to end the class struggle between the rich and the poor.

Solon lived in Athens, Greece; he was born in 558 B.C. and died in 638 B.C. Solon was born into a wealthy family but did not care about money. Solon worked to stop the harshness between the rich and the poor by working for democracy in Greece. He was elected Archon (the highest office in state) in about 594 B.C. He wanted to create new laws that would prevent civil unrest.

Some of the people in Greece that were poor were being treated very badly, so Solon made some new laws. Solon freed those who were enslaved for debt, cancelled debts, and mortgages which could lead to enslavement. He forbade contracting of loans for the future. He reformed the constitution and divided the people into four classes according to wealth. All citizens could belong to the assembly.

Solon was an extraordinary person. He had many good traits. Solon was kind, generous, and hard-working. He was hard-working because it wasn’t easy to help the poor, and create new laws to be passed. He always worked hard to stop the difference between the rich and the poor.

In conclusion, a hero is a person who has courage and strength. Solon was a hero to Greece because he stopped the harshness between the rich and the poor. He is my hero because people in Greece today are equal.

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