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by Spencer from Iowa

My Hero By: Spencer

My hero is my dog named Sonic. The reason I consider him as my hero is because when I was seven years old. I decided to play with my big red ball. But then a big huge gush of wind took the red ball and it landed in the pond. I tried to reach it, but I slipped into the water and I could not swim.

Then my dog broke free and came to the rescue and jumped into the freezing cold water and swam to save my life. He swam right by me in my reach to grab his blue collar. I grabbed his blue collar and he dragged me to shore.

Then my mom put a nice, fluffy, warm towel around me. As for my dog he went in to get warm inside his doghouse. At midnight I went to my dog to say thank you for saving my life from the freezing water.

I went to my dog’s house and when I arrived I went to pet him, but he did not move. I checked his pulse. There was not a single pump. My dog that I considered as my hero was dead. I said die in peace and have fun in dog heaven. I gave him a kiss and left going back to my bed. First thing the next morning I went to the shop to get a shovel. I got the shovel and started to dig a grave for my heroic dog since I could not repay what he did for me. This is the least I could do for him and that is enough for me. I gave my dog a proper funeral that the dog would want.

When my heroic dog’s funeral was done my parents promised to get me another dog. I got a dog identical to the one who saved me. I named him Sonic Jr. in remembrance to the true Sonic that saved me. I am going to train my new dog the exact same things that I taught my heroic dog. This is what I will do to make me remember Sonic.

Sonic is the one and only hero for me and nothing you say can change that. This dog means a lot to me and I want to remember him for the rest of my life. This is from my life and it is all I can do for my dead heroic hero. This is my Hero. This is what it will be forever.

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