Animals Heroes


by Ayden from Jasper

My dogs are the most important animals in my life, but there is one that I will never forget. His name was Sonny. Sonny was in my life for nine great years. He has been there ever since the day I was born. He was my guardian angel.

On March 23, 1996, the day I was born my dad took the first stitch of clothing I ever wore and took it home to their new puppy, Sonny, so when they brought me home the puppy would not feel inferior to the new arrival. My parents hoped that the new puppy would not be jealous.

He was not the least bit jealous of me. Sonny was with me when I was 1, in the terrible 2's, and when I was 3. Throughout these years he slept under my crib and when anyone came in the room and I was sleeping he would let out a soft growl to let them know I was sleeping and not to disturb me. But when I became a "Big Girl" and got my new bed, Sonny slept right beside me all night.

Sonny and I would do everything together, from playing in the backyard to walking down the driveway to get the mail. I couldn't have asked for a better companion. One day I was at my grandmother's house and the phone rang, something wasn't right...

It was my dad, he had gone home to pick up something for my grandparents. He was going to bring Sonny back over to play with me, but Sonny wouldn't come out of his kennel. My dad was calling to say that Sonny had passed on. When we buried him in the back yard, I was crying along with my grandma and grandpa, and even though my dad was the toughest man in my life, his eyes were filling with tears. You can tell that this was no ordinary dog, he was a best friend. That is why he is my hero.

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