Animals Heroes


by Chloe from Buenos Aires

The winner of Animal Survivor

Spaghetti is my angel. He is sweet, playful, loving, charming, talkative. But he is also a SURVIVOR! I found Spaghetti at the SPCA 3 yrs ago, when he was a kitten. Straight away, on the 2nd day in my house he almost gave me a heart attack! See why...

Imagine coming home and having your maid tell you that eight hours ago, your cat fell off the 3rd floor and got lost in your condominium! My blood froze, my heart missed a beat. I started crying like the tin man. And searched for my cat...but he wasn't home. I thought I would die on the spot, but a couple of hours later... SOMEONE BROUGHT HIM HOME with just a scratch on his leg. Trust me,in the second round it gets worse...

About 1 and 1/2 years ago, I got up to get ready for school. I couldn't hear my cat yowling for food. HOW STRANGE! I entered the kitchen but could not find him. Once again, my blood froze, my heart missed a beat. I screamed so loud my mother came. "That's it! He fell off the balcony!!" I whimpered between tears. My mother became white as snow but looked over the balcony to check if there was no bloody corpse downstairs. OK, no bloody Spaghetti. I called my father who did not understand a word of what I was saying (Yes, I cried like a new-born baby) but came over anyway. We all went downstairs and found no blood stains on the floor. I called my cat in the sweetest voice possible and was answered by a feeble, forced, painful meow. For the third time, my blood ran cold, my heart missed a beat. HE WAS ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But wait, I couldn't see him. I looked under a car and nearly passed out. Spaghetti looked like he came out of a car crash! He couldn't move (he broke his paws). My parents both looked at me in way that said "YOU are going to get him". I took a deep breath (I could barely breathe) and went under the car and petted my kitty to let him understand that I was here now, and that he would be okay. It was a strange feeling to pass my hand over some cat blood. Once he was back in the sunlight I wiped off some of the blood on his cheek and kissed him like I would never be able to do it again. My parents looked at my blood-stained fingers and turned green. But I could not care less! When we got home my mother and I treated Spaghetti to a blanket, a bed, water and love while my father called the vet. 15 minutes later. we were at the vet (I hate that place with all the poor sick kitties)! The vet told my parents that Spaghetti had damaged his jaws and his teeth, split his lip up to his nose (meaning that he landed on his face. OUCH!) He had also broken his paws, but that he would live. Three days later, my survivor was home! But wait, there is one last story...

Four months ago, Spaghetti was diagnosed with a minor case of worms. The vet gave us antibiotics to administer to the little angel, telling us normal side effects were vomiting and loss of appetite. Spaghetti never vomited, but slowly lost more and more appetite. At one point, he did not look so good. So the vet gave us weaker medication for him. The night after that when I came home, Spaghetti did not greet me at the door like he usually did. He did not try to steal my snack like he usually did. He just lay on the floor with his eyes half closed. I got very worried, as he did not even drink! Once my mother came home from work, we both agreed that he looked as if he was dying! My blood ran cold, my heart missed a beat. DYING?! I started begging my mom (between tears) to bring him to the vet. And we did so, in the middle of the night. Two hours later the vet told me Spaghetti would probably not survive the night as the medication HE administered to MY baby had killed his white blood cells. Of course, I did not sleep a wink but then I was told that...HE WAS ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! But in a TERRIBLE state. I went to see him in the EMERGENCY ISOLATION chamber. It was hard to see my little precious jewel in such a state. I went to see him in the EMERGENCY ISOLATION chamber. It was hard to see my little precious jewel in such a state.

Thank goodness my sweetheart is alive.

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