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by Marissa from Lafeytte Hill

Spencer (Internet Explorer)
Spencer (Internet Explorer)

The person or in this case dog that I choose to be my hero is a dog named Spencer. Spencer is a 7 year old Pointer-Harrier mix. I choose Spencer to be my hero because I love animals and the amazing things they can do for people. Spencer is highly trained, alert and protective.

One day in August in the year of 1997, Spencer's owner was making lunch for himself. He was in his kitchen frying sausages in a pan on the stove. The man suddenly got very tired so he went to go lie down on his bed, forgetting about the sausages. The man had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so there was extreme fatigue.

When the man got up to go see what Spencer was barking at, all he had to do was look in the hallway to see a room full of smoke. Spencer started walking towards the kitchen waiting for the man to follow. When they got to the kitchen there was a four foot flame over the stove where the frying pan was. It was a good thing that Spencer was highly trained, otherwise the fire would have spread throughout the whole house.

Spencer was very protective through everything that had happened. Especially when his owner got up to warn him about the fire. It is also good to be protective and very alert just like Spencer is and how very alert just like Spencer when you forget to change the smoke detector, because that is what exactly happened here!

Since you read my essay I hope you realized if you already didn't what a wonderful dog Spencer is and how a lot of animals can be heroes by being protective, alert, and how they show how highly trained they can be.

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