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Spiderman was a great altruist. He thought of the welfare and happiness of other people more than anything else. When he fought against evil villains such as Goblin and Doc Oc, he never once thought he was fighting for his own safety and security. He did what he did to save the lives of others. He also always did what he thought was right, not for himself, but for the benefit of others. He denied himself a social life so he could spend his days and nights fighting criminals and supervillains.



Spiderman exhibited incredible bravery. He stood in the way of danger in order to protect others. Neither Spiderman nor his alter ego, Peter Parker, ever displayed any semblance of fear. He might have been concerned for other people, worried about society, or angry about villainous misdeeds, but he never was afraid for his own life. Spiderman’s incredible bravery allowed him to fight criminals effectively, because he never held back any of his abilities out of fear. Also, he displayed bravery without his abilities. Even when his abilities disappeared, he continued to try to use them, at great risk to himself.



Spiderman displays a great deal of internal conflict. He is always torn between his duties as Spiderman and his wants and needs as Peter Parker, who is just a normal, feeling individual. Peter longs to have a relationship with Mary Jane, the woman “he loved since before he even liked girls,” but he cannot have this relationship because it would compromise Mary Jane’s safety and happiness, as well as Spiderman’s ability to fight crime at all hours of the day. Peter wants Mary Jane, but he knows that he cannot have her if he wants to continue being Spiderman. He also feels the need to be Spiderman because he believes, as his uncle told him, that “with great power comes great responsibility.” He feels it is his duty to fight crime since he was given the powers of Spiderman. The battle between these two personal interests rages constantly within Peter/Spiderman.


Spiderman has an indomitable will that gives him the determination to accomplish all his goals. He grew up with two very moral and righteous people who taught him to always do the right thing, and more importantly, to never give up. His Aunt May and Uncle Ben instilled the virtues of perseverance, determination, willpower, a moral compass, work ethic, and kindness. Spiderman is relentless in his pursuit of justice for all, and his alter ego, Peter Parker, is just as relentless in his goals of making his own way and succeeding both in school and life.


Spiderman displays incredible kindness to all those around him. He saves lives because he cares deeply about others around him. He is also kind as Peter Parker. Peter treats his aunt and uncle with respect, making sure that he is never a burden to them. He is kind to Mary Jane and his friend Harry Osborne, even though Mary Jane and Harry’s relationship hurts him on an emotional level. Peter likes to trust people and believes that there is good in everyone. He even gives Harry’s father a second chance when he turns out to be the evil Goblin supervillain who has been trying to kill him.

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