Spongebob Squarepants

by Shannon from Iowa City

I'm Ready! I'm Ready!

Spongebob may not be the strongest, or the handsomest character. But he is the most charming. Spongebob has been charming the hearts of children and adults since 2000. The most successful children animation show of the decade is all over the world and has been translated into numerous amount of languages. But the truth behind the show's popularity is the little yellow guy.

In May 1999 the the pilot Help Wanted aired for the first time giving the glimpse of the three dimensional personality of Spongebob. His perseverance, optimism, and delight of the future is inspiring.

The Perfect Employee

Spongebob does what he loves best, making the famous Krabby Patties at the fast food restaurant The Krusty Krab. Most of us would look down at a frycook but it is what Spongebob loves to do. The pay doesn't matter, what people say to him about it doesn't matter, and the hours don't matter. As far as Spongebob is concerned, he would work 24/7. He inspired myself to pursue a job that I would thoroughly enjoy as much as him. Looking at the folks out there who as everyone can tell hate what they do but is what considered to be successful and compare to Spongebob and think, "I'll have what he's having."

F is for Future

Spongebob is still trying to get something most teens and adults have gone through or are going through...the license. Most of us would have given up and accepted our ride dependent fate but Spongebob knows that he can try again and each time is a new opportunity. Not that his actual driving skills, or lack there of, but the fact that he always tries again is what inspires me to put the bad test in the past and know that I can try again and again.

The Forgiver

Everyone is a friend of Spongebob, even if they hate him. He's a friend that will always be there to listen, possibly cause a little of mayhem and support all your decisions. This, I believe is why Spongebob is a hero. His ability to overlook everything and forgive someone is admirable. I wish I could forgive my idiot best friend over things easily, and the one who always disses and insults me to kill them with kindness. Spongebob does that every episode and teaches tolerance for everyone.

He isn't a direct hero that saves people or is so good that people just drop their jaw and want to change their lives. No, he is far too sly for that. Every episode people watch and see his situations and how he reacts and often follow unconsciously to him. He may not inspire people until they take the time to think about him and what he does and what the show has done to the world.

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