St. Julie Billiart

by Julia from Mankato

Saint Julie was a woman completely immersed in God's love and goodness, even in the midst of great suffering. She was a woman of vision who responded to the needs of the suffering world around her.
Portrait of St. Julie Billiart (
Portrait of St. Julie Billiart (

St. Julie Billiart

St. Julie (Julia) Billiart, born on July 12th, 1751, in Cuville, France, was one of woman who founded the "Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur". She died at the age of nearly 65, on April 8th, 1816.

Statue of St. Julie Billiart with two children sh (
Statue of St. Julie Billiart with two children sh (

St. Julie Billiart's change of the World

How she changed the world and what was her motivation:

In young age her favorite game was playing "school" and when she became older she made her favorite game into her job and taught for real. "She carried on this mission of teaching throughout her life, and the Congregation she founded continues her work."

At the age of 23 she became paralyzed by the trauma of an attack on her father. For 20 years she spend all the time in her bed, she wasn't even able to care for her basic needs. Besides her physical pain, she still believed strong in her religion and so became better. At the age of 53 she and three other woman made the vows as the "Sisters of Notre Dame". The Sisters of Notre Dame are still "teaching", by helping out in Pre-School and Elementary-School in Catholic schools.

St. Julie Billiart's Family

Julie was one of the seven children of Jean-Francois Billiart and Marie-Louise-Antoinette Debraine. She helped to support her family by teaching at a school and working in the fields with the reapers, when she was 16. Her father, Jean-Francois Billiart, was attacked and almost murdered by thieves in his own shop, because of this she got a trauma.

Her dream (
Her dream (

St. Julie Billiart's Canonization
After the Four women made their final vows, Julie was elected to become Mother General of the young Congregation. She suffered much the last three months before she died peacefully.

On May 13, 1906, she was beatified and in 1969 she was canonized by Pope Paul the sixth.

We remember her on her Feast day, May 13.

The words of St. Julie Billiart

"Whatever we are doing, we should often ask ourselves: 'How would Jesus have done this?"

" The beauties of nature must lift your soul to your Creator. You will look upon them spread before you like an open book"

On May 13, we pray especially for St. Julie Billiart, whose Feast is this day.

Feast of St. Julie

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