St. George

by Levan from Tbilisi

My hero
By Levan Chanturia

When I was a child I went to church with my parents and lit a candle in the front of St. George’s icon, then I asked my parents who he was, and they said that according to the legend, St. George was born in Cappadocia, in the second half of the 2nd century. He was a great son of the family. St George's mother taught him divine books and the true faith.

There is a famous legend about Saint George, “Saint George and the Dragon” where St. George kills the dragon with the help of his spear. His memorial is celebrated on 23 November and 6 May in Georgia because he is regarded as one of the most powerful protectors of Georgia.

I respect and love him because he endured lots of sufferings for God’s sake. He was brave enough to stand against the pagans. He was beheaded. To my mind he was a great man, bold and fearless. I wish I was so brave.

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