St. Lelia of Limerick, Ireland

by McKayla from Burlingame

"May St. Patrick guard you wherever you go, and guide you in whatever you do--and may his loving protection be a blessing to you always." ~Irish Quote () ()

Saint Lelia is connected to the diocese of Limerick, Ireland. Her feast day is August 11th. She is the sister of Saint Munchin who is also one of Limericks patron saints. Lelia is the great great granddaughter of Prince Cairtheann, who was baptized and converted to Christianity by Saint Patrick who is Ireland's Patron Saint in Singland, which is also in the diocese of Limerick. People in Limerick City have a great devotion to her, as she is one of the most significant saints of her time. She is important to my family because my father is from Limerick and his family is still living there, we spend part of every summer visiting Limerick and our house is very near St Munchin's church, Lelia Street and Singland where much of Lelia's life was spent.

I believe that St. Lelia was a hero of faith because she opened the eyes to Limerick, Ireland on ways that you can help others. People in Limerick still look up to her in hopes to follow in her footsteps.She is a great person to look up to because of her devotion in trying to help people in her county and  always staying true to her faith. Being the sister of St. Munchin, she came from a family that was true in their faith and together they were able to spread it all around Limerick. She has inspired many to do what they didn't think they could and help out others through their hard times.She devoted all her time to helping others instead of herself and that's why I see her as a hero.

St. Lelia Street, Limerick Ireland ( ())
St. Lelia Street, Limerick Ireland ( ())

I see Lelia as a person of faith because I think she has changed so many lives in her work. She has influenced my life so much that I chose her as my confirmation name because I feel that everyone has a little bit of her in their work. She gave up so much to help other even though times were hard when she was living, she still seemed to make sure everyone was taking care of.

I feel like I have a little bit of her in me because when I was preparing for confirmation I went and walked an elder woman's dog because she couldn't anymore. The joy that lit up her face when her dog came back happy and she was able to continue to keep him as company. I think that everyone should try to follow in her work because i believe it is important to help out all ages in your community. It might not have instant gratification but it definitely will in the long run and definitely a good thing to do.

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