St. Lucy of the Blind

by Megan from Loveland

St. Lucy Holding the Eyes that were Pulled Out (
St. Lucy Holding the Eyes that were Pulled Out (

  This is the story of my hero; the one who changed my view of life. She was courageous and faithful and she inspired many, many people. Her name is St Lucy of the Blind and Eye Troubles.

  Lucy lived in a time period when Christianity was frowned upon. It was from 283 to 304 A.D. during Diocletian's reign. She lived in Syracuse, Sicily, Italy, which was in the Old Roman Empire.


(There are many legends about her and I did my best to find sustainable facts. If I did get any information wrong, it is because this story is told many different ways.)

  Lucy had decided to give her life and virginity to God, believing he was a better life partner than any man could be. Her pledge to God was a secret, so when her mother planned for her to marry a pagan she refused. Lucy's mother was not understanding towards her pledge and wouldn't let her out of the marriage. Lucy then prayed at the tomb of a martyr, which had died not long ago, named St. Agatha, because she had worked miracles for others. She asked that her mother be healed from a long term illness. When she was healed, her mother allowed her to call off the marriage. The Pagan groom was very upset and turned her into the government for being a Christian. They sentenced her to the horror of prostitution. When the guards came to take her away, they found her heavy as a mountain and could not be moved, even when pulled by a team of oxen. Then, they tried to kill her by slitting her throat. Story tells us that she "Evangelized to her Executor while he tried" meaning that she preached about Jesus to the person trying to kill her while he was cutting her throat. After that didn't kill her, they tried to burn her alive, but with no avail. After that, they pulled her eyes out as torture. When she eventually died, it is said that it was by being stabbed many times. When a person dies for their faith, they are called a martyr. Lucy was very much a martyr, and a strong one, too.

  This woman is my hero because she was willing to die for her faith, and though many say that they could have done the same, what she did takes special trust and courage. She died at age 21 for God and was never self-dependent. She was faithful to God and truly shows it through the way her life was ended.

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Extra Info

Thanks to my teacher, Mrs. Boehler, and my hero, St. Lucy!


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