St. Nicholas

by Ben from Mankato

He is a nice guy (
He is a nice guy (

St. Nicholas was a great guy and was a generous person. He showed himself the special protector of the innocent and the wronged. I will in the next paragraphs tell the story of St. Nicholas.

He is Santa (
He is Santa (

He was born in the end of the third century in Patara in Lycia. His parents taught him the ways of the church. They died when he was a young man and he was left well off. After that he then devoted his life to charity and the church. And then became a priest.

His first work to the devotion of charity was his involvement with a man's three daughters. The man was a poor man in Myra. He was going to give his daughters up for prostitution. St. Nicholas heard of this and then gave him a bag of gold. Then the family was well off because the daughters got married. He then became bishop.

He went to preach of God. He was at the Council of Nicea and voted against Arianism. After preaching awhile he was sent to jail with other Catholics. And was not taking out until Constantine came in. He died and was buried in a cathedral.

He was an inspiration for all of us. For some he was a Santa Claus. For others he a very generous person. But we can all agree that he is person we should all live like.

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