St. Peter the Rock

by Alex from Mankato

St Peter the pope (
St Peter the pope (

Peter the baptist was born in the year 1. He was born in Bethsaida. He died in the year 64, and he died of crucifixion. He was 63 when he died. Peter was picked by Jesus as one of the twelve disciples. He was a fisherman before he became an apostle. Jesus put him in a leadership role. Peter died at the time of the Great Fire in 64. Peter is considered a martyr.

Peter was born in Bethsaida, he was named Simon, son of Jonah. He was married, and his wife believed the same religion as him. Peter was predicted to deny Jesus three times before the day was through. Peter is the one who discovered that Jesus has risen from the dead and that the tomb was empty.

St. Peter (
St. Peter (

"Peter is always mentioned first in the lists of the Twelve apostles. He is also frequently mentioned in the Gospels as forming with James the Elder and John a special group within the Twelve Apostles. He confesses his faith in Jesus as the Messiah."

"St. Clement of Rome identifies Peter and Paul as the outstanding heroes of the faith." He also says that the gospels of Mark are based off of Peter's memories, which is still accepted today. Every day is a feast day for the twelve apostles which Peter was technically. He has a feast day every week on Thursday.

A fun fact about Peter is that all four canonical Gospels recount Jesus walking on the water. Matthew describes Peter walking on the water, but sinking when he lost his concentration. The feast day of St Peter and St Paul are on the same day because they are said to both have died on the same day which is, June 29th every year.

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