St. Rose

by Rachal from Mankato

St. Rose (
St. Rose (

Rose was born in 1586 to the parents of Spanish descent in Lima, Peru. She had taken Catherine of Siena as a model, in spite of objections and ridicule of family and friends. So, because her beauty was so often admired Rose used to rub her face with pepper to produce disfiguring blotches. She also wore a thick circlet of silver on her head studded on the inside, like a crown of thorns.

When her parents fell into financial trouble, she worked in the garden all day and sewed all night. For ten years she struggled against her parents wishes for her to get married. They refused to let her enter the convent. She still spent her life in solitude and penance at the Third Order of St Dominic, against her parents wishes.

During her last few years she was motivated by her love of God and for the sick, homeless children, and the elderly. She set up a room in the her house to care for them. This was the beginning of social services in Peru. The greatest thing about Rose was "a love of God so ardent that it withstood ridicule from without, violent temptation and lengthy periods of sickness." Rose died in 1617 at the age of 31. Her Feast day is August 23.

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