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Stephen Robert Irwin

by Justin from Cornwall

Steve Irwin wrestling a crocodile
Steve Irwin wrestling a crocodile

If you would ask me what a hero is, I would simply tell you that it would have to be someone that has made a direct impact on society either with humans, animals or the environment. Stephen Robert Irwin better known as Steve Irwin the "Crocodile Hunter,was a man that loved helping animals and helping people understand the animals. Steve was very famous for his tv specials that allowed everyone an opportunity to view and learn about wildlife in their own habitat. His specials grew in popularity and soon Steve was a name recognized around the world. He often spoke about endangered species of wildlife and how everyone could make a difference in protecting our animals.

Steve Irwin was born in February 22 1962 in Essedon, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria Australia. His parents, Lyn and Bob Irwin moved to a place called Queensland where they opened a reptile and fawn park. Steve grew up around crocodiles and other strange reptiles and this is where he was taught to love all living creatures. At the age of 9 Steve started wrestling crocodiles and this is where he got the nickname the Crocodile Hunter.

My hero has many qualities and because of these wonderful human characteristics he was an inspiration to many of us. Steve was a good teacher who taught many people that even the most dangerous animals can be gentle if respected. He also helped many animals that were in danger. Steve Irwin was also a great father, husband and outstanding human being. He was such a role model for his daughter Bindi. She has now committed to carry on in her father's footstep. His legacy will carry on forever. On many occasions Steve was call to save animals that were in trouble and often in terrible circumstances. He would often allow many to touch and hold animals for people to better understand their nature. He would share his learnings for all to enjoy. He was one of the nicest person you could ever speak to. His passion for his work and commitment to making a difference to our animal friends has provided life to many that would never had a chance if not for the Crocodile Hunter.

Steve Irwin deserves the title of a hero because of what he has done for the animals and their habitats. Steve died doing what he loves best. He was filming a special about the animals in the ocean and Steve was attacked by a stingray and was fatally wounded. Steve will never be forgotten for his courage and passion to share his love for wildlife. Its through Steve's work that we today, understand why it's so important to protect the animals today before they are all gone tomorrow. Steve may be gone but will never be forgotten as our hero. The animal hero.

Stephen Robert Irwin had a passion for what he did in life and he loved every minute of it. Steve was born in Australia, loved rugby, surfing and travelling around the world. Today, we have better knowledge on crocodiles, snakes and all species because of what Steve has taught us. He was a great man! A true spirit lives on in Steve's memories and legacy and all the animals will forever be grateful.

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