Teachers Heroes

Coach Steve

by Anton from Hastings

Steve is a man of extraordinary adventures. He has seen many triumphs, trials, failures, and struggles that can only be imagined. My admiration for him grew ten-fold after hearing his story.

Steve was born in New York City. His childhood was rather rough because his dad disappeared when he was young, and his mother wasn’t able to care for him so he ran away. By age 14, he was living on his own. He had dropped out of school and was sleeping in broken down cars. He learned the hard lessons of life and learned them well.

When the Vietnam War started, Steve was drafted. He had been placed in the Army by the court. There, he learned how to survive the jungle from Sgt. White who said to him, “Out there, there are no prisoners. It’s us or them.” After Vietnam, he didn’t know what to do.

Eventually, he got a job but was in danger of being fired after just the first day. Steve’s supervisor, Ron Zappen, helped him learn how to work towards getting his degree and holding onto his job. After reapplying for high school and getting his degree, he went on to graduate from the University of Southern California. Today, he lives in Hastings, Minnesota, and teaches karate in his spare time.

Steve’s motto is, “Be a hero, be a Ron Zappen and help somebody, and don’t ever quit.” I admire Steve because he has taught me to never lose strength. Of course, being my Karate coach helps drive me to never lose faith in myself, as well.

In conclusion, Steve has gone through many tough times, but ended up the stronger for it. He has proven himself to the world in ways I can only hope to mimic. He is someone I truly admire.

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