Trina and Jay Stocker

by Brenaya from Greeley

(Jay Stocker)
(Jay Stocker)

Trina and Jay Stocker are great role models to look up to. They show how to handle things in a situation. They show me how to act at school, they are my heroes. My parents put so much dedication into their job. They taught me to do my best whenever I get assigned something. When you do something right the first time, then it is easier to do it right the second. When you do it right the first time, you can show authority you can handle more than they thought. My parents have a lot of determination to get their job done. Whenever I need help, I can turn to them. I look up to my parents because they put dedication into their job, they are determined to get it done, and they sacrifice a lot for it.

(Jay Stocker)
(Jay Stocker)

My parents have a business called Breakaway Music. It is a lullaby CD for not only children, but adults too. This CD is comforting, and it pushes away thoughts from the devil. My parents went through a couple of marketing businesses. But they finally have the right one. God helps in all ways he can. He makes all of the jobs easier. All you have to do is pray for him when you need him. I am very happy because I am in a Christian home. My parents have dedication to get the job done.

I love my parents so much because they sacrifice a lot for me. Sometimes we misunderstand each other, but we figure it out in the end. When I hear that I get to go on a date with either one of them, I am SO excited. But the important thing is, they have a good relationship with the Lord. And that is what matters to me. I love living in a Christian home so I can pass it on to my children someday. My parents love each other just like a fat cat loves his food.

My parents are so much fun to be around. We sometimes laugh at the stupidest things, but that doesn't matter. I don't care how we spend time with each other, as long as we do. I love hanging out with my parents or having family time. I would rather go on a date with my mom or dad than go have a sleepover with my friends. My parents are my heroes.

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