Stubby the Dog

by Jonathan from Fresno

Stubby was a stray dog that found its way to Yale University, the place where the Yankee division infantry was training for WW1. A private named J. Robert Conroy found the dog in 1917 and he named him stubby because of his short tail. Animals were forbidden at regiment, but Stubby was able to stay because he was pretty smart. Stubby proved his usefulness at war by learning drills, bugle calls and even a salute where he put his right paw on his right eyebrow.

 Stubby was able to join soldiers in the front lines. He was injured during a gas attack, and later developed a sensitive nose to gas. The dog helped by letting his comrades know about gas attacks. Stubby also helped by locating his injured comrades and he also helped capture a German soldier that tried to map out Allied trenches. At the end of the war Stubby served in 17 battles. The dog became a lifetime member of the American Legion. He was also awarded a gold hero dog's medal by the Humane Education Society in 1921. Stubby the hero dog was able to live until 1926.

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