by Sam from Prescott, Canada

My hero is my cat named Sugar. She is my hero because I’ve had her since I was a little girl and she is the pet I have had the longest, and I’ve had a lot of pets.

My dad got Sugar's mom from a place he worked at in Spencerville at Grenville log homes. There was a big pile of wood that caught on fire and about 8 cats lived in it but Sugar's mom got out and my dad brought her home for me. She was the same colour as sugar. Black and white.

A week after we had her at our house she had kittens. Sugar was the only one who lived out of the 4 kittens. We don’t have her mom anymore because she ran away after she had her kittens.

After we moved we got another cat named Tigger. Sugar doesn’t like her very much but they will get used to each other. Now we are getting a puppy and naming her Sadie. Sugar doesn’t like dogs too much either.

The main reason Sugar is my hero is because she is the best cat in the whole world.

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