Candy Suiso

by Jonalyn from Waianae

Suiso and I
Suiso and I

Being a program director for a multimedia program as big as Searider Productions is, you would think that there would not be enough time to talk or have fun. But that is not the case for my media teacher, Candy Suiso.

She could be the most busiest person in the world, but she would still find the time to sit and have a conversation and get to know her students better and on a personal basis. She takes a great interest in her students' personal lives and gives great advice. She also gives great opportunities to work in the community.

When my class was assigned a Hero project, the first person that popped into my head was Mrs. Suiso, and I knew she was my Hero. I chose her as my hero because she was there when I was having an emotional break down and personal problems. She was there everyday to talk to. She was there for me to cry on. She gave me words of encouragement and got me through the toughest part of my life so far. She always has a positive attitude and nothing bad comes out of her mouth.

She is also my hero because she goes beyond just being a techer. She wants to be your friend and if you need anything she will be there for you. She is like a second mother to me, always making sure I am ok.

Even though I have only known her for two years it feels like I've known her my whole life. She is the person I can confide in and she will always understand. When ever I'm around her we have a blast just talking about whatever comes into our heads. Candy Suiso. My teacher. My friend. My Hero

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