by Student from Altamira

Superman is my favorite hero since he was born because his program was the best of that time, in addition to their series and movies are the best and seen. You say it`s the strongest and stronger than I have ever known.

Superman is from the planet Krypton, because the newborn is sent to Earth because their planet was to be destroyed. His name is Kal-El, but on earth his name is Clark Kent. Upon reaching the ground, a farm couple called Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent in the town of Smallville, Kansas, found and took care of him. In that town grew he decided to develop his supernatural abilities to use for the good of humanity. Within developing skills are: * Super strength. * Fly to great heights. * Speed unknown. * X-Ray Vision. * Blow to freezing temperatures. * Healing Powers.

While it is almost indestructible Superman has a weakness, that weakness is the stone called Kryptonite that makes you lose the powers and the dying. About his life is more to the problems he has to face in order to protect humanity, one of these problems is the villains that are caused by the meteor shower that fell on Superman. One of the villains is Lex Luthor who does his best to kill him. In his personal life are Lana and Lois.

This brings me to the conclusion that Superman is and will be the best hero and that existed.

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