by Devon from Calgary

"A true 'day one' isn't a person you've known the longest but rather someone who's been there from day one and never switched up"

Hi, my name is Devon and I came across this site just by seeing a post on social media saying that you can create a page for a hero you would like to honor. I wanted to start by saying when I first met this "hero" of mine I could instantly see she was a "day one". I'd never met a "day one" within a few short weeks of meeting someone but after a month or so of getting to know Sylvia I could instantly see this person is a true inspiration to be around!!!

In the first few days of talking with Sylvia I began to grow more fond of the the beauty in life itself. I also started to feel like I could accomplish anything when I hung out with her, not to mention I felt like I was melting in the Caribbean sun after talking to her!! I honestly can say I am thankful for every second of every minute of every day that I get to spend with her.

I want to also mention a few things in the time I've known her that have really impacted me positively, 1. I feel like now I can face any fears or forks in the road to come, 2. I have felt like I have been lifted into a heavenly place when I'm around her, 3. I feel like I can have a positive outlook on almost anything now. Those are only three of the many things she have done for me. Sylvia I envy you and hope there are many more moments of comedy and compassion I can share with you in the years to come. THANK YOU for being a true HERO and my only DAY 1!!!

Love Devon!!

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