Thomas Alva Edison

by Everett from Pleasant Hill, California

<a href=>Thomas when a boy</a>
Thomas when a boy

A hero to me is someone who helps any amount of people greatly. The caveman who discovered fire was a hero to his people. Someone who shelters a helpless or homeless person is a hero. You don't necessarily need to save someone's life to be a hero. Thomas Alva Edison is my hero because he greatly improved knowledge in science. Thomas Edison might have saved lives, but that wasn't his profession. I don't know where we would be without him.

Thomas Edison wasn't the brightest kid in school when he was a boy. His teacher called him addled, but his parents didn't stand for it. They thought school was just to slow for him. He always asked his parents questions, many of the answers to them they didn't know. They had high expectations for their son, so his mother took him out of school after only 3 months. She decided to home school him. He was curious and confident and look where he got.

<a href=>Edison's light bulb</a>
Edison's light bulb

Thomas’ contributions to the world weren’t daring risks to save someone else’s life. He did make a whole ton of inventions though. He made 1,093 inventions, the most important being the electric light! Yeah, the electric light you use when you: read a book, sit down for dinner, write, look at your videogame controller, put on makeup, and a lot more! Thomas Edison might have been a boring guy who just kept fiddling with things, but look what he came up with! I say he should be considered a hero.

In a way, Edison might have saved many lives. Candles were very dangerous and Edison got rid of the need to use them. Surgeons use lights when they are performing an operation. People use flashlights which are similar to the lights Edison made but they run on batteries to navigate their way through dark dangerous places. He didn't directly save lives, but following a very extended path, he did save lives.

So now I hope you know why I consider Thomas Edison a hero. He invented the electric light, and we still use it today. He put electricity to a use that is basic but useful. I don't wish I was him, but I am glad he did what he did. I really don't know where we would be without Thomas Edison.

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Thomas Edison was a very interesting man. You probably know him from his invention of the electric light. That's not even close to all he did. He invented over 1,000 other inventions! It would be hard to imagine what our life would be like without him. Without him, this hero page definitely wouldn't exist.