Thomas A. Edison

by Devin from Wyoming

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Thomas Alva Edison lived from 1847 until 1931. Through those 74 years he had three incredible heroic personalities. They were; intelligence, success, patience.

The first personality trait he was known for was intelligence. Thomas was very Intelligent. Although he was a drop out he invented a lot of the things we use today. His most genius invention by far was electricity which everyone uses everyday. Besides that he invented the voice recorder, light bulb, overhead projector and, many more things.

Thomas A. Edison ( edison)
Thomas A. Edison ( edison)

His second personality is successful. Of course he was successful. He was a school drop out in elementary school cause he wasn’t a very good people person and liked his privacy and still managed to teach himself. He is also one of the most known people in the United States.

The last personality trait, patience, is one of his key elements. If his inventions didn’t work he would never give up until they did and if none of his inventions worked he wouldn’t have became very successful.

Now you know why I picked Thomas Alva Edison, who lived from 1847 until 1931, as my Hero because he was: Intelligent, successful, and patient.

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