Trayce Guitard

by Kennedy from New Brunswick

My Great Mom!
My Great Mom!

My hero is my mom. My mom is my hero because she is a great mom, hard worker, and she is good to everybody. She helps me with everything I need help with. My mom's name is Trayce. She has inspired me to be a doctor or a paramedic, which is what I really wanted to be.

To me my mom is more then a mom and hero to me, she is a great person and everybody likes her. She is not just a hero to me. She is a hero to all sorts of people like my dad, and her boss. But to her I am the reason she is alive.

I picked my mom to be my hero because she really is a hero. I am not sure if she is a hero to a lot of people but she sure is a hero to me. Sometimes I wonder if I am good enough for a perfect mom like her. She also lets me do her hair and makeup. That is why my mom is my hero.

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