Tis-Lakes Humane Society

by Tannah, Darian, Lauren, Hailey, Matt, Jacob

Tri-Lakes Humane Society is a hero to us. The volunteers and staff of this organization changes lives of dogs and cats by finding new homes for them, taking care of them, and providing shelter to them until every animal has a home.

Tri-Lakes Humane Society has a website for people to search for a pet. Adoption of a dog or cat also happens at a local pet store that allows the Tri-Lakes Humane Society to bring animals in on certain days to help increase chances of finding a new home.

While the dogs and cats are in the shelter they are provided with good care. Along with medical care, they have clean cages and get fresh food and water daily. The animal shelter also provides them with a place to exercise.

Tri-Lakes Board Member, Mr. Chavez and his pet, E
Tri-Lakes Board Member, Mr. Chavez and his pet, E

Unlike other shelters, the Tri-Lakes Humane Society is a “no-kill” shelter. Other shelters euthanize animals after so many days if they haven’t been adopted. Tri-Lakes Humane Society works to place every dog and cat into a good loving home. Sometimes it takes months and occasionally years to find an animal a home. Because of their “no-kill” policy they are limited in the number of dogs and cats they can accept.

Tri-Lakes Humane Society is our hero because of the care it provides dogs and cats until these animals can find a permanent home. They have been doing so since 1978 when a few people began to take in lost or abandoned dogs and cats. They became an official organization in 1988. They continue to raise money through donations, adoption fees, and revenue collected from a local thrift store.

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