Tone Pavček

by Pamela from Slovenia

Tone Pavček
Tone Pavček

My hero is well known Slovene poet, translator and editor Tone Pavček. He was born on 29. September 1928 in a small village Sveti Jurij pri Novem mestu. It is interesting that he had twin brother that unfortunately died after the birth. But Tone always says that his brother left him all his talents and ordered him to live for two of them.

In year 1996 he became a good will ambassador of UNICEF, but that is not only thing that he has done in his life. He was editor and translator especially of Russian poetry.

In year 2001 he became a member of Slovene academy of science and arts and although he was really busy he wrote many beautiful poems for kids and for adults.

Tone Pavček got many awards for his work. In year 1984 he got Prešeren’s award, he also got award of Prešeren's fund, Kajuh's, Trdina's, Levstik's award and award Večernice.

I like him because of his way of thinking, because he isn’t afraid to say what he thinks and he is always willing to help no matter what. I also admire his way of living this life. He loves every second of it. And after all is nice to know that in Slovenia we have a person that doesn’t have such narrow look on the world as most people have and all that we can read in his poems.

Tone Pavček states,
It was good to experience the miracle of the birth of the Slovenian state; even better to have been at the right place at the right time; but the best, to see our dream come true. I recall the increasing demands for democracy and freedom; I recall a gradual yielding on the part of the outgoing rulers; I recall the blossoming of Slovene thought and the exacerbating dispute with the Army and the centralists; I recall the breaking of taboos, the fall of barriers and walls - the Berlin wall and ours too - I recall the call of time that did not go unnoticed by me. I went with it to rallies, meetings, protests, before the crowds at Kongresni trg, before delegates in the Republic's assembly, before fellow writers at the Writers' Association; I went from the battle for core educational contents, to protests for the release of The Four, from the May Declaration to independence. Now I wish the memory of that time were like a plough bringing to the surface the gold ore from the depths: the resolve and unity of that time to touch our consciousness and our souls.
Tone Pavček

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