Tracy Bailey

by Darby from St. Clair

“A hero is any man admired for his qualities or achievements and regarded as an ideal or model” (Webster’s New World Dictionary 2004). A hero to me is someone who helps others, not expecting anything in return. A hero is honest and always cares for others before themselves. A hero never gives up and strives to overcome the most difficult obstacles. There is one person in my life who I feel possesses the traits of a hero. My mother, Tracy Bailey, is my hero.

Tracy Bailey grew up in Arnold, Missouri, and was like any ordinary person. She didn’t attend college; however she is a very hard worker and an outstanding mother. Today, she has three children and two step children. Even though there were five kids she had to take care of at once, she still did her best and was always there for every one of us. She has always worked hard to support our large family. Each of us was involved in extracurricular activities and she always made sure we did our best to succeed in everything we did.

Other than taking care of her children, my mom has always been very good at giving advice. Whenever I have problems and need someone to talk to my mom is always there for me. I feel lucky to have a mother who supports me in the activities I am involved with. When I was younger I was involved in dance and gymnastics. My mom was one of my instructors and she taught me a lot of the things I learned. I am not involved in dance anymore, but I feel that the things she taught me still help me in activities I do today. Since I have been in high school I have been involved in band and cheer leading. My mom has attended almost every game I have cheered at for the last four years. Several times a year I have band concerts as well and she has attended all of those as well. The things I have been involved with through high school have had major expenses involved. My mother has paid for all my activities and extra needs as well.

My mother, Tracy Bailey, is my hero for several reasons. I think she is very responsible, honest, and caring like a hero should be. She has helped me overcome many obstacles in my life so far, and I believe she will continue to help me through the rest of my life. My mother is, and will always be my role model and hero in life.

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