Temar Boggs

by Aamari from Las Vegas

Temar and Jocilyn
Temar and Jocilyn

Today you will learn about a unsung hero named Temar Boggs. Temar Boggs was 15 when he helped 5 year old Jocelyn Rojas. Temar lives in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Temar has done something that not a lot of people would have taken the time and the effort to do what he did. He did something that could have possibly saved a life.

It was just a regular day for Temar. He was helping an elderly woman move her couch from her house. He then heard the news that a 5 year old girl was kidnapped in that area. He then saw a car that matched the description of the car that was used. He then got on his bike and followed with his friend. He pedaled for 15 minutes until the kidnapper let her out and sped off. In an interview he said that if the car wasn't going to stop he was gonna jump on the car.

Temar Boggs is a teen African-American. He lives in a small neighborhood in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Although he is not all over every news station in the nation, what he did helped the family of a young girl. He will be remembered by the family of Jocelyn Rojas. He is a local hero in his city.

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