Temar Boggs

by Emily from Roseville

"Love the life you live, live the life you love." Bob Marley

Fifteen year old Temar Boggs saves five year old Jocelyn Rojas. Temar had chased a maroon colored car for about fifteen minutes trying to save the little girl sitting in the passenger seat of the car. The young girl was abducted from her grandmother, Tracey Clay's front yard.

Temar Boggs is a fifteen year old boy.  He is an African American who lives in Gable Park Woods apartments in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Temar loves playing sports, Skateboarding, Biking, and hanging out with friends.

On Thursday July, 11, 2013 Temar was hanging out with one of his friends before Jocelyn was abducted. He was also helping move an elderly woman's couch from a nearby apartment complex. Jocelyn Rojas was playing with her toys in her grandmothers front yard. Meanwhile, a man came up to Jocelyn and told her he would buy her ice-cream if she got in his car. Jocelyn Rojas had gotten into the car because she trusted him that he would not hurt her. She thought he was not going to hurt her if she got in the car because he was going to buy her ice-cream.

After, Jocelyn was abducted, a Police officer came over to Temar and Chris and asked is they had "seen a little missing girl." Temar and his friend said "no" because they have not seen her. Both of them went straight to action because they saw on television that the girl had been abducted from their neighborhood. So they went and grabbed six other friends and made their own little search party. All of the boys went searching through woods, creeks, and roadsides trying to find five year old Jocelyn Rojas. They were searching for forty-five minutes. Temar and his friends came back after looking for her and there were tons and tons of police officers, firemen, newscasts, and others. The whole block was filled with law enforcement's. Temar had a gut feeling that he was going to find the little missing girl. So he grabbed a friends bike and went searching again while Chris Garcia tagged along. Soon after, a maroon car caught Temar's eyes. Him and his friend followed the car for about ten minutes while the car kept making turns out of no were and turning around. When the car got closer and closer to the crime seen the car would quickly go a different way. That's when he saw the little missing girl in the passenger seat of the car. Temar went straight to action. He started chasing the car as fast as he could for about fifteen minutes. He said " If the man had not let the girl go i would have jumped on his car." The car finally came to a stop at the end of a hill and pushed the little girl out of the car because he did not want to be caught so he let Jocelyn go and zoomed away.

Later, when Jocelyn was pushed out of the car she stood on the side of the road for a little bit. Them, she saw Temar and ran into his arms saying "I want my mommy." He put the girl on his shoulders and started riding back to her grandmother, and her mom. About half way there he took the girl off his shoulders, and walked the rest of the way because her being on his shoulders was too dangerous. When they got back Temar gave the little girl to a firefighter so she would be in the hands of someone safe and back to her family safely. When Temar was searching for the girl he did not do it to receive anything him and Chris did it from the heart. When he heard that a little girl was abducted from his neighborhood he was not scared, in his head he was thinking " Save the little girl, Make sure she was okay." When Temar brought Jocelyn home the Rojas family showed him so much love, and how thankful they were to have her home. Jocelyn's mother and grandmother stated that Temar Boggs was a "hero."

Seventy-three year-old Harold Leroy Herr previously served eleven years in prison before the abduction of Jocelyn. The man was driving a maroon colored vehicle, was wearing green shoes, and distinctive clothing. Harold Leroy Herr was finally arrested on Friday July, 12 2013.

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Extra Info

Abduction occurred/ rescue of little girl on July 11, 2013
Kidnapper was arrested on July 12, 2013
Temar Boggs is Fifteen years old
Jocelyn Rojas is Five years old
Kidnapper was wearing green shoes, distinctive clothing, and was driving a maroon car