Tatyana Nikolayevna Borovikova

by Maxim from Bui

Tatyana Borovikova, History Teacher (T.Borovikova's Personal  Collection)
Tatyana Borovikova, History Teacher (T.Borovikova's Personal Collection)

I'd like to tell you about our History Teacher at R.A.Naumov Secondary School –13. Her name is Tatyana Nikolayevna Borovikova. She is my grade teacher, too.

She is my hero because she knows all the historical dates by heart. Besides, she is a great traveler. I am always surprised how well my teacher can remember so many dates without looking into her notes! At our classes the teacher often tells us exciting historical facts. My classmates and me usually listen to them with great interest and ask the teacher a lot of questions. Then we discuss different events, study great historical battles, watch films, make presentations and reports, surf the Internet, and even we performed a fairy tale.

Classroom Display in History Room (Galina Smirnova, Teacher of English)
Classroom Display in History Room (Galina Smirnova, Teacher of English)

Tatyana Nikolayena is interested in collecting historical exhibits, and she brings them into the History Room. At the back wall there is a classroom exhibition of some remains of the ceramic dishes of the 7th century B.C., stones, an old distaff and other objects of home utensils of ancient Russia.

She arranges joint school trips of students, teachers and parents to cities, towns and villages. We visited Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Plyos, Myshkin and Domnino, the village, during our holidays or on weekend. Travelings help realize the history of the Motherland much better. Thanks to Tatyana Nikolayevna I saw different historical buildings and museums, watched some monuments to great people and events. In March we went to Kostroma Drama Theater to enjoy a performance by William Shakespeare. It was splendid.

Our teacher is enthusiastic and energetic. She always supports and helps her students and spends much of her spare time outdoors with us.

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