Tom Brady

by Gursimran from San Diego

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Tom Brady. A boy born on August 3rd 1977 to Tom Sr. and Gaylnn Brady. He was the youngest brother of four older sisters and was tight to fight for everything he wanted, including the TV remote. These childhood lessons have turned him into a 6 foot 4 225 pound NFL quarterback whose charisma and perseverance have shaped him into what he is today.                                        

Tom Brady possesses a character trait needed for an NFL quarterback. This trait is perseverance.

The state of mind needed to find targets up to 30 yards away, under heavy coverage, is spectacular. When one of these passes goes incomplete, the normal run of the mill QB would feel like they have failed, but not Tom Brady. "The team has not abandoned Tom. We have full faith they he will persevere and come back stronger than before'( The team owner, Robert Kraft, issued this statement after Brady was suspended for 4 games and the team was fined 1 million dollars following the investigation of Deflategate. During the Deflategate scandal, Tom Brady was tried and tested over and over again but we all know what happened just one game later.As we look further into Tom Brady's past, we find another example of perseverance in the face of huge odds."When Tom stepped onto the football field at Michigan State, nobody knew that he would be the most dynamic QB to ever set foot onto a football field".( Milbert, Neil "Brady, Tom" World Book Student May 7 2015). Tom was the 4th string quarterback at Michigan and as a senior had to share the starting spot with a star freshman, Brian Griese. As a Patriot, Tom was the second string quarterback after Drew Bledsoe, but when Drew suffered a chest injury that ended his career, Tom then started for the Patriots. His offense struggled for the first 2 games and then the team took off. They won their first Super Bowl that year over the powerhouse St. Louis Rams. Tom Brady and other elite QB's in the NFL possess yet another trait important for a star athlete. Let's discover this other important trait.

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The second trait that Tom Brady possesses is Charisma. Some people describe a charismatic person as one whose presence "fill a room". Others a person who can move people to change themselves with a few word suck as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Here is what former teammate Wes Welker says about Tom Brady. "When Tom steps on the field, it seems like the crowd dies down a little bit in awe of the greatest QB of all time. Then the crowd goes louder than ever before".(Gale Power search, Time. 185.5 (Feb 16 2015:From Academic OneFile)). Wes Welker, now a receiver for the Denver Broncos is known for his amazing catches and harsh criticism of QB's. He is stating that Tom Brady possesses an aura so powerful, that a stadium full of fans hushes for a split second before resuming their wordless screaming. Many players apart from Tom Brady possess this type of charisma. Some examples are Adrian Peterson and JJ Watt. But when you are a QB who has been criticized all your life. it is just something else. Charisma can also be put to use when a team or an individual is in need. Then a charismatic person can really show their true colors. " During the 2015 Super Bowl, the New England Patriots were down by 10 points starting the second half. Then in the locker room, Brady gathered all of the players and said something to the players. Now they are the Super Bowl Champions once again."( The late victory over the Seattle Seahawks was a new Superbowl record. No team has ever come back from that far behind to win a Super Bowl ever before. Even though people claim that the Patriots players superior performance was the reason that the Patriots pulled off their victory. but all will also say that Tom Brady's locker room magic had a part to play. Charisma is just as important as perseverance and there are many other traits out there that can aid a QB into becoming a star. 

With all the social media that goes around these days, it it hard to think of a celebrity or an athlete as a human just like the rest of us. But I hope that when you go to google next time, put in your favorite athlete or celebrities name. Maybe you can find a connection who has made it to the stars. I sure have.

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