Tom Brady

by Dylan from Loveland

Tom Brady is my hero. Think about who yours is. The hero I chose is Tom Brady. He has a giving attitude, he has dedication, and perseverance. He dedicates his whole life to football and his family. Also he does charity events every year and he perseveres through everything he does.

Although Tom Brady has a busy life he does golf tournaments and charity auctions. Also does the best buddies charity event every year. In the golf tournaments he gives all the earned money to people who need it. Also he participates in ''Make a Wish''. The hero Tom Brady donates to charity and gives money to people in need.

Next Tom Brady always perseveres on and off the field. Even when they are losing, they persevere to win. Also he never gives up, no-matter how much they are losing by. It is not just Tom Brady who perseveres through the game, his whole team does because it is a team sport. Super Bowl 49 his team was losing but they came back to win.

The Patriots player, Tom Brady uses his dedication on and off the field, he dedicates his life to his family, friends, and team on and off the field. No-matter what other things he has going in his life those are the things he always make time for: family, friends, and the team, no-matter the problem or no-matter the business. One example is he takes breaks from practices to spend time with his family and friends.

Even though he is not perfect these are some of the things he is good at also, including football. He donates to charity, preserves, and has dedications. Those are many qualities of a leader and he has a lot of them.

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