Terry Brearley

by Jack from Essex Junction

ADL School Website (Beltrami)
ADL School Website (Beltrami)

Most of you have probably never heard of Terry Brearley, but I have. She lives in the Village of Essex Junction in Vermont with her family and her dogs. Most of you also don't know that she volunteered for the Northeast Boxer Rescue. Not boxer as in the person that does the sport, but as in the dog. Clearly she loves animals, and clearly she cares enough to do something. So let me use this article to explain what exactly she does.

Mrs. Brearley got her start when she was between jobs. Of course, loving animals, she accepted. The position that she was given was to bring dogs to people who wanted them and to retrieve them from people who didn't. All of these dogs were shelter dogs, and all of them were of course, boxers. She spent a long time doing this and enjoyed it greatly.

Dog at NBR (NBR Website ())
Dog at NBR (NBR Website ())

Of course, being part of an organization means that the organization or volunteers must have goals, right? "I wanted everyone to have a dog," Mrs Brearley told me. This of course is something that almost everyone wants (except those that are allergic).

Along with goals, all organizations have to come with highlights. I was told the story of Mrs. Brearley and her daughter went to retrieve a dog from a home in North Carolina. "This is the ugliest dog I've ever seen," she said to her daughter as they left the home. "This is the cutest dog I've ever seen," she was saying by the time they were back. Receiving the dogs is definitely a highlight but so is giving a dog to her friends and coworkers, and to everyone for that matter.

Also with organizations come challenges. "I wanna keep them all," she told me when I asked. She also faced many more difficult challenges. Sadly, there are not enough homes for all the dogs. It is also a difficulty finding the right homes, as well as making sure the owners understand how big the dogs get, and the commitment that comes along with it.

"Just talking to you makes me want to get back into it," Mrs. Brearley told me as we reached the conclusion of our interview. At this point it wasn't just about all animals in general. Mrs. Brearley is a great hero and role model who has dedicated her time into something that she loves.

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