Travena Carver

by Tiron from Gallatin

A hero isn’t just a person who saves lives. A hero in my eyes is a person who is always there for you through rough times and most importantly, someone that you can trust. Heroes shouldn’t think they're on top of the world, they should help and motivate you to wanna do the right thing. People don't know it but when you're someone's hero you are someone they look up to so you should always do and say the right things - you know, be a role model. My hero is out going and always there for me and she is just a great person to be around.

A young, outgoing, sweet as can be lady - that's my aunt. And living each day to the max is one of the qualities my aunt possesses. I can remember this one time we were shopping and this kid was about to steal some shoes because he didn't have any money so she brought them for him and she couldn't even get herself any shoes. She may be young but don't underestimate her at all. Even thought she is young she has been through a lot things that no one can image and some of them are the same things I'm going through today as a teenager. Just the other day someone asked me to get high and when i was telling her about it she said, stay away from that, it's not the path to take.

She is just a great person and she is always giving. She is also willing to go the extra mile to help out others or those in need. Many may not care about others but that is not the way to live. My aunt shows me this by giving and helping the less fortunate. She is very outgoing, she doesn't like to have blank or dull moments. Lots of people in my family mostly lay around and do nothing but my aunt is always doing something. It's important because there is no tomorrow and you have to live life to the max each and every day.

Heroes inspire me in all kinds of ways. When you see or hear about someone going outta their way to help someone that inspires me and makes me wanna do the right thing. Just like this one time I saw a super-old lady go and buy this whole family food just so the kids wouldn't have to worry if they were going to eat. Also this man gave his used car to a college student that had to go back and forth to school. I have seen my aunt with only five dollars to her name and give it to man so he could eat and once I was in the store and this lady storekeeper knew the kids didn't have any money and she let them walk out with a pocket full of bread, soap, and juice just so they could eat.

My aunt will have a big impact on my future. I have learned from her that just because you are young doesn't mean you cant change the world by helping people. Also don't look down upon someone that isn't as fortunate as you. She always tells me how important school is. She tells me and will continue to tell me how much i should finish school. The things she has done today and the things she will do tomorrow will always have an impact on my life and they will inspire me to do the right thing.

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